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The Hydrogen Molecule

Hydrogen is the most simple element on the periodic table. Bacteria in your GUT produce hydrogen for our body to absorb to manage oxidative stress; a major cause of disease. Due to processed foods, antibiotics, pesticides and a general unhealthy environment these beneficial bacteria decrease in numbers. Our water bottle utilises electricity to split water into Hydrogen and Oxygen, creating Hydrogen infused water. 

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Major Benefits

  • Make Your Water Taste Great From Sterilisation

    Using our water bottle will remove and bad smells or tastes from tap water. This is the first benefit of using HydraBuddy, the aim is to remove chlorine and fluoride from your water. The end result is a naturally smelling water that taste like it's fresh from a spring. HydraBuddy will improve water quality and kill any bacteria in the water, the sterilisation effect is amazing.

  • Boost Weight Loss and Reduce Muscle Fatigue

    Hydrogen water has the incredible benefit of being able to clean out your body of free radical chemicals. With less of these chemicals in your body then your mitochondria in your cells function better. This results in an improved metabolism that accelerates fat burning, decreases cholesterol, improves glucose tolerance and insulin resistance. A great way to push through high intensity exercise is to drink hydrogen water before and during. Hydrogen in the water will neutralise the effects of lactic acid and decreased muscle fatigue.

  • Longevity and Cellular Function

    Drink plenty of hydrogen rich water to delay ageing, it can also be used for washing your face, maintenance of the skin. Use hydrogen rich water to improve overall cell repair and regeneration function, reduce blood viscosity and enhance blood vessel elasticity. Hydrogen enhances mitochondrial function throughout the body which in turn results in healthier cells.


What is Hydrogen?

Hydrogen (H2) is the most abundant molecule in the Universe. It’s an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. Hydrogen water is loaded with hydrogen molecules. It was formulated as the most practical and easy way to get hydrogen into the whole body. Hydrogen is the smallest existent gas molecule. Because of this unique property, molecular hydrogen could penetrate into virtually every organ and cell in the body (including the brain) where it may have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, weight-loss, and anti-allergy activityMolecular hydrogen seems like the perfect therapeutic the world has been eagerly searching for.

What does Hydra 1.0 bottle do?

Once the bottle is fully charged via the usb cable provided, you press the button to activate the bottle. For 3 minutes the bottle uses electricity to split water molecules into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas. This gas dissolves into the water creating hydrogen enriched water ready for drinking. Not only does our bottle produce beneficial infused hydrogen water but it also sterilises the bottle and water every activation. Your bottle will remain forever smelling clean and never musky.  

What can Hydrogen do for me?

Hydrogen has the ability to attack the root cause of most disease states by reducing oxidative stress caused by ROS (reactive oxygen species). You will first notice that you are visiting the toilet more often throughout the day. This is due to the detoxification process taking place. Hydrogen in the water reacts with the free radical ROS to produce water, this excess water is then released out of the body. Hydrogen's first affects can also be seen in the GUT, where gut motility and beneficial bacterial increase due to this hydrogen enriched environment. This results in more frequent but smaller stool, very helpful in releasing constipation. From here constant use of hydrogen increases metabolism, immune system and decreases the ageing process, inflammation, cholesterol and insulin resistance.

Who is HydraBuddy?

We are an Australian company that is delivering Australia a Luxury Hydrogen bottle. Australians are not aware of the benefits of hydrogen like in other countries such as Japan, South Korea and USA. We bring forth a simple solution for us all, a bottle that produces hydrogen, no need for expensive hydrogen tanks and apparatus. Create hydrogen water at home or on the go from any water source.     

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